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business solutionsWhen you run a business, work and life cross paths all the time — at the office, at home, and even when you’re on the go. Use one computer that is powerful, secure, and flexible enough to allow you to work and live on your own terms.



The Apple platform brings it all together and Mac à Montréal provides a wide spectrum of professional on-site services to bring it all to you.


Whether you’ve just purchased your first Mac, or want to upgrade your business network to a Macintosh environment, or are simply adding more Macs to your existing network, you can always rely on our certified consultants to provide proper guidance.


We’ll make sure have everything you need to maximize your network efficiency and keep your IT costs down. Our daily projects regularly include the recommendation and deployment of hardware and software, network administration, Windows to Mac migrations, backups, troubleshooting, and more.

All our services are performed on-site for your convenience and remote support packages are available.


Tell us what’s you’re thinking — we’ll show how it’s done


home solutionsMac à Montréal specialists continue to have an increased hands-on involvement with new and existing home owners seeking to integrate the best of technology into their homes.

Whether you’re building your new dream house or wish to integrate some of the coolest products into your existing place, Mac à Montréal consultants will offer you proper guidance and recommendations.


Our specialists thrive on a philosophy of thinking ‘outside the box’ in order to provide some of the city’s most magical solutions. From automated media servers accessible from all corners of your home and from anywhere in the world via your iPhone and iPad to the ability to access your entire home network over a fast, encrypted connection no matter where you are physically — we deliver.


Simply tell us what’s you’re thinking — we’ll show how it’s done.