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Change is healthy. Upgrade from Windows to Mac.


migration to macThose who value cost effectiveness and ease of use are looking to Apple for solutions, but making the decision of when and how to migrate can be difficult. That’s why businesses planning a migration call upon us for help — for cost and needs assessment, implementation, and ongoing support.


Mac à Montréal migrates about 2-3 companies a week to the Mac platform and is regularly involved with architects around the city for the design of customized Apple solutions in new home construction and renovations.


Our consultants come highly recommended for the smoothest, most complete transition to the Mac platform. We’ll set you up from beginning to end including the transfer of your existing data from your older machines to your new Mac. We’ll even go as far as to help you with spam prevention on your network.


And the best part of all of this is, you don’t have to go anywhere — we’ll come to you!

Running Windows applications on your Mac


running windows programs on mac

If you happen to have a Windows program that you absolutely must use for whatever reason, there are several extremely reliable options available to you.


Apple Boot Camp


Built into Apple’s recent operating system, this feature allows you to install Windows XP or later on your Intel Mac. You can then use Windows for processor-intensive tasks, such as large full-screen applications and games.


Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion.

windows on macbook

These options allow you to create virtual environments in which you can run Windows. This virtual environment runs at the same time as Mac OS X on any Intel Mac providing you with the best of both worlds. Virtual environments are much easier to manage than dedicated PCs and may actually make Windows more enjoyable to use.

Do more in less time without spending a fortune


imac timeWhen looking at total cost of ownership, it’s clear that Mac computers are priced comparably to PCs. For starters, Mac computers aren’t prone to the 257,000+ viruses that plague PCs. For your business or home, that translates into less downtime and more productivity. And because Mac software and hardware are made to work together, you won’t encounter the crashes and conflicts so typical with a PC.


You might miss your IT guy—but you won’t miss the line item on your budget. Overall, our customers tell us that their Apple gear lasts longer, requires less tech support, and in the long run, ends up costing less than PCs. And when you consider licensing fees on server technology, Mac OS X servers are downright inexpensive.


Mac à Montréal consultants will set you up from beginning to end including the transfer of your existing data from your older machines to your new Mac. We’ll show you how to use your new equipment, and answer all your questions.


optimize workplaceOur daily projects regularly include the recommendation and deployment of hardware and software, network administration, Windows to Mac migrations, backups, troubleshooting, and more.


We also offer packages for remote support for continued service. No need for an internal I.T. Department — we can manage your entire network remotely and discretely without getting in the way of your everyday business.

Your future dream house is available today

smart homeMac à Montréal, a renown leader with an outstanding portfolio of Apple solutions deployments in the Montreal region, has branched out into the domain of Smart Home design and automation. We integrate smart home technology with Apple solutions resulting in mind blowing results and a remarkable 100% client satisfaction rating.


Our engineers cover a vast variety of systems, including lighting control, climate control, security surveillance, home theaters, and tons more. We avoid common trends and develop whole-home designs customized to your own taste and personal expression. Combining our expertise with your imagination, we can offer you a totally customized solution that is tailored to your specific needs.


Upgrading your home to a Smart Home is a long-term investment. You want to choose a firm that will stand behind its work for years to come. Our goal is to make your home work for you, not the other way around. Combining our expertise with your imagination, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

And with no complicated remote controls, you can operate pretty much everything from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other compatible smart home device — even when you’re far from home! Unleash the true potential of smart home technology and Apple products and your home will never feel ordinary ever again.

Elegance meets technology

Multi-room Music

music speakers

Music distribution systems provide you with the ability to enjoy a superior music experience in any room, without the complication of having multiple devices or confusing controls.

Smart Lighting


smart lightLight presets allow you to instantly change the mood of rooms, from a bright environment to a dimmer, more intimate atmosphere. Smart Lighting also allows automatic pre-configuration of all of your lights. When combined with solar sensors, the system can automatically brighten or dim the lights depending on the brightness of the sun. They can also be combined with motion detectors, allowing the automatic turning on and off when someone enters a room.

Safety and Security

security camera


Peace of mind — something we all look for when shopping for a home security system. What if you can visually monitor your home from anywhere in the world? You left home and forgot to close the garage door. Well, now you can be notified!

Home Theater


It’s time for you to enjoy the movie-theater experience everyday — without leaving the comfort of your own home. Mac à Montréal will help you plan and design what could possibly be the room in which you spend most of your time. Experience state-of-the-art audio and video. Learn more →


Mac OS X Server at your service

Businesses that haven’t used Apple’s products before, or companies with only a few Macs, are being attracted to what Apple has to offer — especially when compared to the alternatives. Mac OS X Server is the best choice for migration from the Windows platform.

Once you decide to migrate to Mac OS X Server, we can help plan and implement your migration. And because you can hire our consultants on a per project basis, you’ll get expert assistance when you need it, while keeping your expenses down.

Mac OS X Server is always the best choice

Multi-platform compatibility

windows ubuntu

Mac OS X Server is designed to work with all popular operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

Easy to learn


User friendly and intuitive, Mac OS X Server enables new and seasoned administrators to transition quickly and effectively.

Fully supported by Apple

Mac OS X Server is an industry-standard implementation of UNIX but, unlike Linux, Mac OS X Server is fully supported by Apple.

Cost-effective solution

piggy bank

Startup and ongoing licensing and support fees cost way less than those for Microsoft Windows Server.

Rock-solid UNIX security

unix in rockThe Macintosh platform is the most secure platform available, saving time and money by enabling you to focus on your core business rather than on security issues.

The world truly is a small place

global networkCan you imagine being in two (or more) places at the same time? Physically speaking, this is still impossible but with today’s software, we can show you how you can do it virtually.


If you move around or travel a lot, we’ll set you up with all you need for a fast, extremely secure, and magical way to remain connected to your home or office network(s) no matter where you are physically.


ipad remoteOur extremely easy to use solutions gives you immediate access to many shared (Bonjour-enabled) services on your remote home or office network. They automatically appear in your Finder, iTunes, iPhoto, and tons of other applications (just as they would if you were physically located at that network). You can even access your files on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Our mobile office solutions also provides Bonjour over VPN connections as well. No messy configuration required.

Who uses our Mobile Office Solutions?


macbook remoteAny Mac user looking for a secure and dependable way to have complete access to their network and files at all times.


The experience is so transparent and magical, it’s almost as if you never left your own network. Being in more than one place at the same time is certainly possible now.

If you are away for business or on vacation somewhere with our Mobile Office Solution you would be able to:

  • Encrypt all of your web traffic
    and route it through your home network
  • Browse the web securely
  • Listen to your entire home iTunes music library
  • iTunes Home Sharing fully supported across the internet
  • Control the screen of any of your home computers
  • Grab that important file you forgot to bring with you
  • Connect to your FileMaker Pro database
  • Connect to your complete home iPhoto library
  • Print on your home or office network

Mac à Montréal delivers some of the hottest, most customizable media server setups in the city.

media centerOur media server solutions provide streaming of your photos, music, and movies to your Macs, your AppleTV devices, your iPhones, iPads, most UPnP devices (i.e. PS3, Xbox), and yes, even your PCs. What’s more, we make all your media available to you no matter where you are physically.


You’ll be able to share your media with any Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or other UPnP compatible device. Automatic integration with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Photo Booth, Adobe Lightroom, and more. You can share all content from these applications or choose specific playlists and albums.

 media sharing

Our solutions also provide built-in Access Control List (ACL) and bandwidth throttling. The ACL allows you to control which devices have access to your media. Bandwidth throttling limits the transfer rate from your computer to your UPnP device so others on your network can still surf the web and check their email.


Of course, if speed is your thing, we’ve got that too. The configurations we recommend and deploy have been engineered for extreme speed. Your media would be powered and served by the same engine that powers several high-visibility sites, such as WordPress, Hulu, Github, Ohloh, and SourceForge.


Not sure how to manage or get your media content? We’ll show you. As with all our deployments, we make sure they are all easy to use.


Further, once setup, you can access most of your shows via your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad from anywhere around the world — even over a 3G connection!

AirPlay technology on your network — today!


iTunes streaming

Stream audio and video directly to a computer from iTunes without any synching hassles.

Audio streaming

airplay ipadStream audio directly to your computer from iTunes or any iOS device. This is a highly prized feature in and of itself, but we take audio streaming one step higher. In addition to streaming audio content from your iOS device or iTunes, you can close any 3rd party audio streaming app without disrupting the music.


We’ll put together the perfect way for you to share audio on another computer no matter where you are — work, friends, family and so forth. Seamlessly stream audio without having to worry about synching/sharing or convoluted installation instructions. You’ll be amazed at how easy and straightforward it is to use.

AirPlay enabled 3rd party apps.

Compatible with a wide variety of AirPlay enabled third party applications. Vevo, PBS, StreamToMe, AirVideo, YouTube, NFB,, TED, CNN and more.

 airplay apps

Video streaming.

This is your home entertainment system’s missing link. Simply hook your Mac up to a HDTV and stream movies, TV shows, trailers, or other video content to it over AirPlay. Rich and smooth video streaming at all times.

Photo, slide show, and personal video streaming.

Ever been at the office, or visiting friends, and wished you could show off your latest photos or home videos? Now you can, because the AirPlay solution we deploy supports photo, slide show, and personal video streaming from the Photos app – in one click. No need to copy content from from one device to another. One click – display it on any Airplay capable device.

We stand behind all our work


on site supportMac à Montréal is recognized for high caliber deployments and support. Our work is meticulous, efficient, and designed to work as advertised — it’s our guarantee.

If something cannot be done properly, we won’t recommend it. We don’t take shortcuts and our work is engineered to be modular. This means we can easily tweak or add to it without having to start over from scratch.


testingWhatever your question, no matter how big or how small, our fully Apple Certified experts are here to help. Mac à Montréal handles varied projects ranging from a home user setup to complete large scale server configuration and deployment. We pride ourselves on rising to the challenge, as lets face it, life gets boring when its all too easy.


Remote support is also available for both home and business users.


For business users: as part of the remote server package, we also take care of all server updates and perform regular maintenance to ensure everything continues to run optimally. Everything is tested in our lab before being deployed on your network to ensure nothing goes wrong. You never have to worry about these things.


stamper approvedNo need for an internal I.T. Department. We will manage your entire network remotely and discretely without getting in the way of your everyday business. Not only is it more efficient, it will cost you much less.