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Unrivaled on-site and remote support for business and home users.



remote support

First class, hand-held migration to the Apple world.

On-site and remote support for your business and home. Mac à Montréal consultants come highly recommended for the smoothest, most complete transition to the Mac platform. We'll set you up from beginning to end including the transfer of your existing data from your older machines to the new. We'll even show you how to use your new equipment and the best part is, you don't have to go anywhere — we'll come to you!
promo yosemite

OS X El Capitan. Every bit as powerful as it looks.

The world's most advanced operating system moves even further ahead. As a recognized member of the Mac Developer connection, Mac à Montréal is ready to deploy OS X El Capitan (server and client) professionally on your network at work and at home!
security connection

Take your home or office network with you wherever you go — with one click!

Mac à Montréal provides the luxury of secure mobility. You can be anywhere, yet still be connected to your Macs. Our solutions provide a fast and secure connection to your home or office network no matter where you are physically. Once setup, most Bonjour-enabled services on your remote network automatically appear in your Finder, iTunes, iPhoto, and other apps — just as if you were there.
media server

Media Server Paradise — for those big on entertainment!

Mac à Montréal delivers some of the hottest, most customizable media server setups in the city. Our media server solutions provides streaming of your photos, music, and movies to your Macs, your AppleTV devices, your iPhones, iPads, most UPnP devices (i.e. PS3, Xbox), and yes, even your PCs. What's more, we make your media available to you from anywhere around the world.
apple airplay

AirPlay technology on your network — get it today!

Seamlessly stream your audio, videos, photos, and slide shows to any of your Macs. Our media server installations now include the deployment of AirPlay on your network. What you get: iTunes, Video, and Photo streaming from your computer to your iOS devices and vice versa — in one click — and without the need to synchronize! Live streaming to your Mac and HDTV from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch — very easy and way cool.
smart home

Homes of the future are Smart Homes. It's future for all.

Mac à Montréal delivers some of the hottest, smart home deployments in the city. We design, implement, and support custom home automation solutions tailored specifically to meet your needs. Our engineers cover a vast variety of systems, including lighting control, climate control, security surveillance, home theaters, and more. Mac à Montréal is dedicated to integrating smart home technology seamlessly with the way you enjoy living and using your Apple products.

Who we are

Mac à Montréal is a unique team of professional cross-platform computer engineers. Our team is approved by Apple, Inc. to work with official Apple Retail Stores to deliver the best Apple experience to businesses and home users.

What we do

Mac à Montréal is a highly recognized member of the Apple Consultants Network. We offer a wide range of on-site and remote services to business and home users looking to maximize the use of their Apple equipment while keeping costs down.